Team Genesis believes in excellence in athletics, character and education, therefore we choose to specifically partner with families that homeschool their student. We recommend students receive their high school education through a charter school satellite program or through The Whitmore School, the world's first online high school. Both options provide your student with a quality education that is fully NCAA accredited and give you the freedom to decide what is best for your child. Students receive their high school diploma upon completion of either option.

Homeschooling offers students the freedom and responsibility of self-paced learning. They are accountable for mastering all the skills and content of each lesson regardless of the amount of time it takes. No student falls behind, and no student is shuffled along without the skills needed to succeed in future course work and in life. In the process, you help your son learn important life skills such as time-management, effective communication, independence and responsibility, all crucial skills for success in college, especially as a student-athlete.

All boys education

One of the focuses of the feminist movement of the 90s was to address that girls were struggling in school more than boys. This led to the redevelopment of lesson plans and overall school structures, which were tailored to respond towards the unique learning style of girls. Studies now show the educational community has been so focused on addressing educational issues for girls, boys are being left behind. 

  • 65% of the children who are diagnosed with learning disabilities are boys
  • Boys earn 70% of all D's and F's and fewer than half of A's.
  • Males make up fewer than 40% of college students
  • 80% of high school dropouts are boys

Without the distraction of females and friends who do not share in the same goals of an aspiring high school athlete, Team Genesis is an ideal environment to focus on homeschooling in a community of like-minded students.