Support for Team Genesis comes through donations from individuals, foundations and corporations. Without these generous donations, 90% of students would not be able to participate.

Team Genesis firmly believes in transforming lives and in creating effective leaders of tomorrow. We do this by fostering goodwill in the community, narrowing the gap between athletic and academic programs, instilling core values in our gifted athletes, and preparing them with life skills necessary for navigating the future successfully. We believe that success starts from within, and we are there to guide our participants into realizing their true potential.

In order to facilitate these goals, there is a growing need for support in order to keep our program active. Tuition alone covers less than 50% of the cost of the Gifted Athletes Program. Only by the generosity of our faithful donors, through the blessings given them by our Heavenly Father, can funding requirements be met.


By contributing, you help to ensure that the dreams of these athletes come to fruition. The money you give, no matter how big or small, is invested in a variety of ways in order to ensure that our organization can help as many student-athletes as possible each year.

Through the PayPal Donations link below, donors can either choose to provide a reoccurring gift that keeps on giving into the future, or fund current needs.


Team Genesis is always in need of volunteers. 
Please check out our volunteer opportunities below or email with your interest.

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